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The Navy’s New ePHA Login information

NEW! Electronic Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) Process
To complete your PHA, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1.

  • Once notified by your Unit’s Readiness Representative or deployment coordinator: Complete the
    PHA survey ( (you may get a security issue page)
  •  Have your DoD 10-digit ID number and your 5 digit Unit Identification Code (UIC) on hand.
  • Once completed, a customized education form is generated. You can save, print, or email this
    document for your personal use.
  • Mental Health Assessment (MHA) can be completed (if due, follow Step 4 below) as part of the

Step 2.

  • Print your Individual Medical Record (IMR) Report.
  •  You will need a CAC card reader in order to access your IMR Report.
    • Navy: BUPERS Online (
    • Marine: Marine Online (
    • Air Force: ASIMS (
    • Army: MEDPROS (
  •  Utilize your IMR report to determine “Due” items.
  • “Due” items (Dental, Lab, etc.) must be completed prior to your PHA being signed off.

Step 3.

  • Notify Military Medicine (aka Medical Readiness). After all steps are complete, send Medical
    Readiness an email via stating that your PHA survey
    has been submitted, “Due” items are scheduled or completed, and record is ready for review.
    *Important*: include your DOD ID and a good contact number in the email.
  • After you notify the clinic that your electronic PHA is complete, you will receive a call from a provider in 4-7 business days to complete the assessment.

Step 4.

**If** you are due for a Deployment Health Assessment (i.e.MHA, PHDA, PDHRA) , complete
the appropriate surveys at: (
o If you do not remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link and reset
your password.

  • To complete assessment:
  •  Log in with “Login ID” (SSN) and Password.
  •  Select the “Create a New Deployment Health Assessment” link.
  •  Select “Are you returning from being deployed?” arrow.
  •  Select “Boots on the Ground for a least 30 days” button.
  •  Submit Date of Departure (+/- 30 days) from Theatre. Select “Next” arrow.
  •  Select “MHA, PHDA, or PDHRA ” from top row.
  •  Complete the assessment.
  •  Click “save” before leaving each page!
  •  Use the drop-down Calendar to select dates.
  •  Log out.

If you need assistance, please call NHCA Military Medicine at 410-293-1339 or email:

4 thoughts on “The Navy’s New ePHA Login information

  • it wont let use the web site says its out of date and I need to do a epha for my battery in the marine corps

    • Thanks for letting me know I’ll get that fixed

      • Is the system having issues? My PA called today because I scheduled an appointment and when they called they said my PHA isn’t showing in the system. I did it on the 31st of Oct and then again today just to make sure, but they are saying they still can’t see it.

  • My PA called me today. MY PHA is not showing up in the system. I completed it on the 31st of Oct. I did it again today and they still can’t see it.


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