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Navy Female 17-19 PRT Standards

(Female 17-19 PRT Standards: updated Feb 2022)

The below information on the 2022 Female PRT Standards Age 17-19 are taken from Guide FIVE of the 2022 Navy Physical Readiness program. This new update contains the official information on how the Physical Readiness tests are to be run and the Navy’s official scoring standards.

What makes this update interesting is the new introduction of the 2km Row and the Forearm planks. The row was introduced as an alternative to the 1.5 mile run or 500yd/450m swim and is a great alternative for those cold weather commands who do not have access to a pool. The Forearm planks have now finally replaced the hated situp as a far better and far safer alternative to measure core strength and endurance.

While the navy was originally planning on having equal planking standards for both males and females, they learned from an analysis of 26,000 forearm plank records from the CY2021 PFA that there is a minor gender performance differential. As a result, the Navy revised the forearm plank standards to be gender specific (i.e., separate male and female scoring tables) with a gradual age group stratification. The Updated male and female forearm plank standards can be found Guide 5 and in both MyNavy Portal and the official PFA App are scheduled to be updated prior to 1 April 2022.

For the minimum passing score sailors must complete are 20 Pushups, 1:11 Forearm plank, 14:45 1.5 mile run or 10:30 2km row. For those failing to meet the minimum score will be referred to the process in Guide 7, which contains the administrative actions for PRT failures

These standards to not include pregnant female service members or those that are in post-partum status. Additional information for these service members can be found in Guide Eight at MyNavyHR

Female Navy PRT Standards Age 17-19

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20 Pushups, 1:11 Forearm plank, 14:45 15 mile run or 10:30 2km row

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