Keeping the US Navy Updated on the Physical Readiness Program

Navy Boot Camp Graduation Standards

This information was verified current as of November 2017.

The requirements for admission for graduation from the US Navy Recruit Training Command (Boot Camp) are governed by the US Navy’s Recruit Training Command located in Great Lakes IL.  This official information can be found at the RTC webpage

Graduation from US Navy Boot camp requirements for a candidate to complete Navy Physical Fitness Test and Pass a Height and Weight test as shown below.


Your physical training will be both rigorous and challenging and includes one-hour daily workouts, six days a week. Training alternates between strength and conditioning exercises that focus on building your body’s major muscle groups and cardiovascular endurance. B.A.S.E.S (or Balance Agility Strength Explosion and Stamina) is a weekly exercise routine which incorporates shipboard required skills with aerobic and strength training.

In order to graduate from RTC, you must pass a Navy Physical Fitness Assessment. The minimum requirements are in the table below. You also must be within approved body composition measurements for your height and weight.

Age Group Gender Pushups (in 2 minutes) Curl-ups (in 2 minutes) 1.5 Mile run
17-19 Male 46 54 12:15
Female 20 54 14:45
20-24 Male 42 50 13:15
Female 17 50 15:15

The demanding exercise program will continue rain or shine, in extreme heat or bone-chilling cold. Freedom Hall is your gateway to physical fitness in the U.S. Navy. It provides a clean, climate-controlled environment for strength and cardio training and physical fitness assessment testing for all recruits and staff members every day of the year, no matter what the conditions are like outside.

While you will receive ample physical training at RTC, to maximize success, you should start preparing yourself physically NOW!