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US Naval Academy Entrance Height and Weight Standards

Height and Weight Standards

The minimum qualifying height is 58 inches for all candidates, and the maximum qualifying height for all candidates is 80 inches. Waivers may be granted to a limited number of exceptional candidates whose height exceeds this standard.

The minimum qualifying weight (by height) standards are listed in the table. Because of substantial variation in candidates’ body composition, we apply an estimated body fat percentage when a candidate’s weight exceeds the maximum listed. We will ask you to provide several measurements (if you don’t fall within standards) with clear instructions so you may ask your gym teacher, (perhaps when you take your Candidate Fitness Assessment), a coach, or your school nurse to provide the information.

In such cases, the qualifying standard is the body fat percentage: no more than 25 percent for men and 35 percent for women, as determined by our protocol. If your weight is at least the minimum and not more than the maximum shown for your height on the preceding table, you will not be asked to provide measurements for the body fat estimate.




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Academy Height and Weight