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Situps are out, Planking is In + more 2020 PRT Changes

Based on feedback from the fleet and after testing and evaluation, new changes to the #USNavy PRT are coming in 2020.

Check out the video below to hear about these changes which introduce planks and rowing machines into future PRTs. This is another way we’re getting better at moving toward our best performance every day. More information coming soon on the implementations.

Other than the addition of Planking, there are additional changes to the PRT in 2020. Those changes include the additional of a rower option and possible PT Uniform changes.

6 thoughts on “Situps are out, Planking is In + more 2020 PRT Changes

  • Where can I find the specific requirements for the planks and how they are scored?

    • The Navy has not yet released the specifics about plank requirements and scores. will post this information when it becomes available.

  • This is awesome! I really like the changes that every branch of the military are implementing to their fitness programs. I also think that Weight lifting should be an added.

  • I rather wish they’d incorporate anything else that doesn’t contribute to lateral strain on the lower back. Yes, it’s a test of core strength – but for those of us with debilitating back issues who found marginal relief in the decompressive strain applied by active sit ups (as this actively pulled the vertebrate apart and relieve compressive stress on the discs), having a targeted gravitational-stress event (planks) followed by a targeted gravitational-stress event (pushups) is absolute murder. And if you have a shoulder injury, luck be with you.

    Started training for this change. My back is not forgiving me. I have successfully undone the hard work of my last cortisone injection. My shoulder, damaged in a fall, is also not pleased with my efforts and my pushup quantity has gone down significantly due to spasms. I’ve gone from being able to score in the Excellent category for pushups and Good Highs for the sit ups to subpar planks and Good Lows for pushups.

    If only they’d gone to the crunch instead of the full sit up. Then we’d not have two gravitational-stress events in a row.

  • Any updates on official score sheet for planks and new push ups?

    • Hi John-
      Nothing yet, but we are watching for it and will post asap!


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