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Sailors are getting hurt taking the PRT, this is what is being done

Reference: NAVADMIN 108-19 – PRT UPC

Over The past few months far too many sailors have injured them selves and a few have even died while taking the Navy PRT. Over the last few months there has been injuries or and two Deaths which are adirect result from the PRT. A sailor recently died while at boot camp, and just last month a Sailor in Japan died due to the test.
As a result of these exceedingly sad deaths the Navy has come up with Universal Training Precautions for Commanding Officers, Senior Enlisted Leaders, CFL’s and the sailors for the safe conduct of the PRT test.

PRT UPC Summary

In response to these injuries NAVADMIN 108-10 was released which provides Universal Training Precautions for taking the PRT. While the complete NAVADMIN can be found below, I have included a quick look summary below.

 Effective immediately, commanding officers (CO) and officers-in- charge (OIC) are encouraged to exercise a liberal Bad Day makeup PRT policy for those impacted by any signs of distress. Bad Day can be applied to sailors who:

  1.  Do not complete any portion of the PRT, fail or demonstrate any early signs of exercise distress.
  2. Are medically cleared. They must be screened by medical again, and if medically cleared (no medical waiver), the Sailor will receive a failure for the PRT and will be enrolled in Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP).
  3.  Participate in the Bad Day makeup PRT.  They will have only their final PRT scores entered in PRIMS.  
  4.   Participate, but do not complete the Bad Day makeup PRT.

Required PRT Universal Training Precautions

 The following UTP must be applied to all fitness tests or other training evolutions that are expected to require at least moderate exertion (heavy breathing but able to talk in full sentences, sweating within a few minutes of start):

  1.  Allow acclimatization of normally giving 2 to 4 weeks, to adapt to a warmer environment or higher
  2. Ensure progressive and graduated increases in exercise duration and intensity
  3. Adhere to current guidelines for hydration, promote water consumption. Review  for hydration basics 
  4.  Follow DoD guidelines for rest-work cycles as described at:
  5.  Prior to and during exercise, avoid stimulants, alcohol, energy shots or drinks, antihistamines, diuretics, pre-workout products, weight loss and performance enhancing supplements.
  6. After PFA testing, participants should be observed for 10 minutes
  7. At the early signs of distress, provide prompt medical attention, and, transfer to an appropriate level of medical care.


PRT UPC Points of contact

OPNAV N17 Policy: AMCS Eric Anderson, (901)874-2210 or via e-mail at eric.anderson(at)
BUED: CAPT Marc Franzos, (703) 681-9085 or via email at

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  • Lol @ Kyle this is Bootcamp their talking about… its recruits not actual sailors… And we worked out 6 times a day… and we had no choice but too eat healthy that’s all they served us. There were teenagers who had sickle cell which is a serious disease… and some kids actually broke legs trying too pass… they literally have 120ppl running at once on that little track soo its easy too get hurt when everyone is trying their hardest too out run eachother


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