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PRP E-Gram

Physical Readiness Program E-Gram – September 2014

Physical Readiness Program E-GRAM


5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055 - OPNAV N170B – September 2014


Are ACFLs qualified to conduct a PFA?

YES! ACFLs are to be trained by the CFL and designated in writing. ACFLs shall be CPR certified and be competent to conduct PRT, BCA, FEP, and command PT. All ACFLs shall be non-tobacco users and meet the same PFA requirements as the CFL.

Information on PRIMS

PRIMS is an official database. As such, hand written score sheets used to enter PFA data into PRIMS shall be maintained in the command files for a period of no less than 5 years. In the vent an error occurs, the CFL is required to submit a Letter of Correction (LOC) request signed by the CO with supporting documentation to justify the actions.

PRIMS data verification

Members are required to review and verify their PFA data in PRIMS within 60 days following PFA cycle. Members should verify data ASAP to ensure accuracy of their records prior to transferring to another command.

Record correction notice

Effective 1 July 2015, the Physical Readiness Program office will no longer accept correction requests that are older than one year. OPNAVINST 6110.1J enclosure (1), page 11, paragraph 11 states: Requests to correct PRIMS data must be submitted to OPNAV (N135) , currently (170B), within 1-year of occurrence. Members must utilize the Basic Correction of Naval Records process if outside one year.


Courtesy weigh-ins are not to be conducted once the command’s official cycle begins. The command’s cycle will start once the dates are established by the CO/CFL.

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