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6 thoughts on “2019 – PARFQ Login Access

  • PRIMS / PARFQ is not an option on BOL. Additionally, the PARFQ website link through is not compatible with MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browsers. Are you working to resolve these issues??

  • There is not hotlink to PRIMS/PARFQ on BOL for my account.

  • ALCON,
    BOL has a statement on the site before entry that states PRIMS will be down until further notice.

  • What is the RFO for PRIMS being down?
    Is there an ETR?
    Many sailors need to get this down. I am so tired of Navy sites being down all the time. Whatever happened to cutting edge technology? What is the backdoor to PRIMS? I just completed my PHA. I want to get this done today. BOL needs to provide more details.

  • Complete and total waste of my time. BOL is unreachable 80 percent of the time I attempt to get in. Its been like this since I joined in 2010 with all Navy websites. Especially if you are deployed and working on a low bandwidth system. Its so incredibly frustrating but unequivocally demonstrates the complete lack of support reservists get from homeplate. Not afraid to put my name on this email. Anyone from PERS who wants to get ahold of me I encourage it……whatever happened to taking care of enlisted sailors????


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