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New PRT Update

New Navy PFA App and Calculator

You can now download the new official Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) app on your iphone or android!. This brand new application offers a PFA calculator function which allows you to input your age, gender, and test times/scores to give you and overall PFA test score.

The New app also has a BCA (Body Composition Assessment) tool and information to allow you a quick reference for for the official  Height and Weight Standards.

The Navy Fitness App is designed to be a one stop shop for fitness needs. Along with a calculator and BCA feature, it also contains demo video for measuring BCA, videos for proper height and weight screening and proper techniques for conducting the fitness test pushups and situps.

The Nutrition section is also quite relevant. It contains resources such and menu creation, meal planning, and information on supplements.

The Navy Even did a youtube video on the New Fitness APP which can be viewed here:

The Fitness calculator app can be downloaded at the Navy’s Official App locker:

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  • how do I access the nutrition self study course?


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