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Navy Fitness Announces Three New Workout Series and Apps

131018-N-TE278-018WASHINGTON (NNS) — Commander, Navy Installations Command’s Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) program is expected to launch three new workout series apps for your smart phone or tablet, June 20. These high-intensity programs – the Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag series – provide Sailors with a “best-in-class” physical fitness and nutrition program.

NOFFS was developed by the Navy in partnership with EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute). The Operational Series provides the foundational exercises that are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties: lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. Each additional series (Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag) was developed to provide training modes that address the special interests of users.

“The Strength Series will assist Sailors with developing the strength that is needed to perform at their highest level,” said Nick Aures, Performance Enhancement Dietitian, Commander, Navy Installations Command. “There are three training phases within the series that are intended to progressively build total work capacity and improve cardiovascular fitness.”

The first phase, Build Muscle, is focused on building lean muscle mass and improving the body’s capacity to handle greater physical demands through a higher volume of work. The second phase, Get Strong, focuses on building strength through fewer repetitions and higher intensity. The final phase, Get Powerful, harnesses the user’s newfound strength and trains their muscles to be fast and forceful.

“The workouts in The Endurance Series are designed to assist with breaking through training plateaus, while decreasing injuries often associated with traditional endurance training,” added Aures. “The workouts can be accomplished in a number of ways, including running, biking, rowing, or using any cardiovascular machine.”

Beyond the cardiovascular training in this series, additional training components that are vital to sustained success with endurance activities have been incorporated. These include pillar prep, strength maintenance, soft tissue release, and plyometrics.

Although these components can be completed in separate workouts, together they will provide the tools necessary to maximize results. The six phases of cardiovascular training progressively develop both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, effectively enhancing your ability to cover a greater distance at a faster pace.

The ability to customize these workouts based on heart rate and/or rate of perceived exertion (RPE) will make the workouts challenging and effective throughout the phases.

“The Sandbag Series provides Sailors with a training plan that can be performed in environments with limited equipment options. It will help them develop the strength and power they need to meet the performance demands placed upon them in any environment,” said Aures. “The added challenge of performing traditional exercises with a less stable mass (a sand-filled bag) provides a unique training experience that mimics the demands experienced in day-to-day life.”

The Sandbag Series also progresses through three phases of training by building upon the work completed in the previous phase and preparing for what’s to come.

The first phase, Build Your Base, establishes a strong base fitness level. The second phase, Gain Muscle, develops lean muscle mass and increases workout capacity through the use of a higher number of sets and repetitions.

In the third phase, Get Powerful, movements will become more explosive, therefore developing the power necessary for immediate bursts of energy often required in operational environments.

“Two additional elements that are available in each series include the fueling aspect and the regeneration component,” explained Aures.

The fueling aspect of NOFFS will allow Sailors to determine their total caloric needs to achieve personal goals, while the meal builder enables them to select high-octane foods for each meal, populate their meal plan a week at a time, and email it to themselves.

The regeneration component will assist Sailors with addressing common aches and pains. The soft tissue release techniques combined with the flexibility routine will help restore muscular balance, and ensure that Sailors develop and maintain the mobility necessary for high-level performance.

Interactive apps for each series are available at no cost for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), with Android devices being released shortly. The apps provide detailed guidance and examples of each exercise, along with scrolling pictures and videos that can be viewed with a quick swipe. Search for “NOFFS” in the App Store or on the Google Play Store app.

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