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Graduated BCA Standards (Age adjusted Standards)

If you’re active duty, you might be hearing this term concerning the BCA, refereed to as “Age adjusted standards” (AAS), or graduated BCA standards. While there is a ceiling on body fat percentage that is applicable to everyone (mandated by the DOD), there is also a ceiling with in each age group, similar to the PRT. The max allowable body fat for BCA is 26% and 36% for men and women, respectively. That means if you’re within that limit, you’re good to go and pass BCA.

But what about that age adjusted part? Each age group has it’s own standard for allowable body fat. However, unlike the max standards of 26% and 36%, being outside AAS does not constitute a BCA failure. Instead, it just means automatic enrollment in the Fitness Enchantment Program (FEP), regardless of PRT score. This means it is possible for someone to MAX their PRT, but still be assigned to FEP because they are outside their AAS. But why? Simply put, fitness and health is holistic and not indicated by one metric. Increased, or excessive, levels of body fat means Sailors are at higher risk for things they can not even see: diabetes, hyper tension, joint pain/inflammation, and even cancer! In order to continue to be the strongest war fighting force in the world, we need our Sailors to be holistically healthy.

Guide 4 Body Composition Assessment (BCA) 

If you’re struggling with AAS, or any facet of the PFA, checkout the “PRT Coaching” tab to see if we can help!

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