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Four New Navy PRT Calculators


Since the good people at BUPERs took down their PFA Calculator I’ve kept an eye out on the web for the best PRT / PFA calculator. Below are my top four.

  1.  Very clean and updated (for 2016) PRT calculator. This Navy PRT Calculator is one of the longest running calculators on the web.
  2. – A new contender on in the PRT Calculator Game. Very simple website with only two pages. An explanation page, and the actual calculator page.
  3. Navy PFA (Google App Store) – A newer google app Navy PFA Calculaor, well used and highly rated.
  4. US Navy PRT Calculator (Google App Store) – One of the older PRT Calculators and not not updated.

If you have built, or come across, a navy PRT / PFA Calculator please let me know in the feedback below.


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