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DODreads Podcast Launch

Looking for something new to listen to while working out?

My friend John Laney and partner over at our sister site nearly failed his command board in 2016 when he could not come up with a good answer to the question of “What are you Reading?”
Four years later, he runs the DODReads network and just last week they launched their podcast with Admiral Stavridis as the first guest.
If you are a military professional you need to continue to challenge yourself through reading. The “What are you Reading” Podcast is a great spot to start.

Keep you mind strong while you make your body strong

Its easy to flip on some music to keep you motivated while work out, no harm in that. However- maybe no real gains either. This week try switching your playlist for a great new military podcast focusing on leadership development through reading.

What value can you get from reading fiction? According to Admiral Stavridis you can learn a lot from fiction. It can help you wrestle through ethical dilemmas; it can expand your horizons, and help you think through
“What if” situations. The value of fiction and many more topics were discussed on the first episode of “DODReads: What Are You Reading”

Check out the first three episodes today!

Your Mind and Body will thank you!

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