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A Yellow Bird (Marching Cadence)

The Yellow Bird Marching Cadence is a slower cadence perfect for marching. While you can use it for running, speeding up the song makes it sound a bit funny and my platoon could never quite get the foot stop sound quite right.

I also cleaned up the lyrics a bit feel free to substitute with words of your choice depending how close/far you are from the command HQ.

Yellow Bird Cadence (Marching Jody / Cadence Call)

A yellow bird,
with a yellow bill.
He landed on
My window sill.
I coaxed him in.
With a piece of bread,
and then I kissed
his Little head! (Stomp your falling foot in unison)

I called the doctor.
The doctor said.
My dear good man.
This bird is dead.

The moral of
The Story is
If you want some bread
You better Give some Head

Yellow Bird Cadence Quotes

Yellow Bird must be the best marching cadence of all time. In 2001 I attended Dive School in the Panama City Panhandle. It was the middle of the august summer and the instructors would have us march and sign a line of the Yellow Bird, then drop and push out the next part of the cadence. We would hop back up only to march another line and push another line. The weather was horrendous, but the singing was great

John Laney

Ha! This must be the refined, millenial PC friendly BS version! Really??? A kiss followed by a stomp???

No self respecting servicemen older than 30 would run to this namby-pamby version of yellow bird.

the whole moral of the story for the Yellow bird is irrelevant


Yellow bird and other giddies are better memories of Ft Campbell 1970.

Jeffrey Scott

WTF is this PC bullsit!?
Then I kissed his little head? Baaahaaahaaa!’
THIS is why the world no longer FEARS AMERICA!
USMC 1975 version:
Little bird,with a yellow bill.
Landed on my window sill.
Lured him in with a crust of bread,
Then I crused his F$#@# head!

Get some

Gunny USMC Retired 1975-1997!!
Semper Fi

2012 our ending for the Yellow bird cadence was
“the moral of
the story is:
to get some head
you need some bread.” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


This is a really good cadence!!!


Yellow Bird = totally the best cadence anywhere. We ran to it and marched to it in Sasebo Japan

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