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Navy PRT Standards

(updated July 2023)

Male PRT StandardsFemale PRT StandardsBody Fat Standards

In Jan of 2023 The Navy released The Physical Readiness Test Guide FIVE. Guide FIVE contains the official information on how the Physical Readiness tests are to be run and the Navy’s official scoring standards. What makes this update interesting is the new introduction of the 2km Row and the Forearm planks. The row was introduced as an alternative to the 1.5 mile run or 500yd/450m swim and is a great alternative for those cold weather commands who do not have access to a pool.

The Forearm planks have now finally replaced the hated situp as a far better and far safer alternative to measure core strength and endurance.

The Guide FIVE can be downloaded here, or viewed below:

  • Page 10 starts instruction on the forearm plank
  • Page 10 starts instruction for the rowing machine
  • Page 20 is the Male and Female standards for those below 5000 feet
  • Page 32 is the Male and Female standards for those above 5000 feet


Navy PRT Instruction – OPNAV 6110.k

(updated 22 April 2022)

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