Navy PRT Calculator
The Complete Online Resource for PRT/PFA  Information and Your Physical Training
Since the good people at BUPERs took down their PFA Calculator I’ve kept an
eye out on the web for the best PRT / PFA calculator. Below are my top four:  Very clean and updated (for 2016) PRT calculator. This
Navy PRT Calculator is one of the longest running calculators on the web. - A new contender on in the PRT Calculator Game. Very simple website
with only two pages. An explanation page, and the actual calculator page.

Navy PFA (Google App Store) - A newer google app Navy PFA Calculaor, well used
and highly rated.

US Navy PRT Calculator (Google App Store) - One of the older PRT Calculators and not

If you have built, or come across, a Navy PRT / PFA Calculator please let me know.